Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

Our prices start at $75 per hour + GST for 1:1 services.

Where are sessions held?

We, Future Leaders is currently a mobile tutoring service. Sessions can either occur within your home, via Zoom, or at a public library.

How long do sessions go for?

Sessions are typically a minimum of 1 hour at a time, and a minimum of 1 hour per week.

Occasionally we can make exceptions for shorter sessions where more than one sibling is receiving our services if the total session time is longer than 1 hour (i.e. 45 minutes each for two siblings = total of 1.5 hours).

What commitment is required?

We require a minimum of 1 term commitment after the first paid trial session.

You can commit for any length of time longer than 1 term, if we feel that this is necessary and will benefit the student. Exceptions may be made for students with extenuating circumstances or who are preparing for the Selective School or OC examinations.

How do I pay?

We invoice in advance on either a MONTHLY or a per TERM basis (you choose!).

The invoice will include the bank details for you to transfer the funds into, or you can click ‘pay now’ on the invoice to follow the prompts to enter your card details online for quicker payment processing.

How do you assign a tutor to my child?

We understand and appreciate that all children have unique learning needs. It is our priority to ensure that the tutor is an appropriate match for your child in all aspects of their learning needs, personality, and interests. We believe that when students bond with trust and relate to their tutor, tutoring results are heightened.

What experience do the tutors have?

When we select tutors to join the team, the key qualities we look for are:

  • The tutor values and has demonstrated their commitment to child safety, including but not limited to possessing a valid WWCC.
  • The tutor demonstrates a minimum of three years of tutoring experience, and preferably mentoring experience.
  • The tutor is currently enrolled in tertiary education in a related field or has completed their tertiary education.
  • The tutor demonstrates significant understanding of the curriculum in their subject and age specialty areas, including but not limited to assessment and reporting.
  • The tutor demonstrates exceptional communication skills, whereby they can explain challenging concepts in a way that students can engage with and understand.
  • The tutor demonstrates commitment to the longevity of their employment, thus the longevity of the relationships with their students and families.
  • The tutor demonstrates a warm and approachable nature, yet is capable of holding students accountable for their responsibilities in an appropriate way.
  • The tutor demonstrates an understanding of the significance of mentoring for students and is passionate about being a positive role model and mentor
  • The tutor is willing to learn and participate in training and guidance activities provided by We, Future Leaders to ensure quality assurance in every family.

In addition, our organisation is accredited with the Australian Tutoring Association (ATA) where we must meet strict standards and abide by the ATA code of conduct, meaning extra piece of mind that we will provide a quality service for our students.

Does tutoring occur in the holidays?

We leave this up to both the tutors and families to decide - it is a mutual decision.

Some families and tutors prefer to keep going, others do not. We are flexible either way if both parties are happy with the arrangement.

If tutoring does occur in the holidays, we will simply invoice for these sessions as they occur or invoice as a lump holiday sum.

What is your cancellation policy? Do you offer make-up sessions?

Changes to any session must provide at least 24 hours notice (except for emergencies).

If any sessions are missed due to the We, Future Leaders (i.e. tutor is unwell) and the session cannot be rescheduled to another time, we will credit these sessions for the next invoicing period.

Sessions missed due to the family will only be made up for / credit offered once per term.

How can we be assured our child will have a quality learning experience?

Don’t trust our word for it, trust the numerous other parents who have left us 5-star reviews on our Facebook and Google pages!

If you’re not satisfied with the tutor we have selected for your child, we can offer an alternative tutor or we can recommend another reputable company.

What age ranges and subjects do you cater for?

Our exceptional team of 20+ staff can provide quality tutoring and mentoring for students from K-12 across a wide range of subjects.

  • K-6, the most commonly requested subject areas are Literacy and Numeracy, however we can also cover Science and Technology.
  • For 7-10, the most commonly requested subject areas are English, Mathematics and Science, however we can assist with other subjects for homework, assignments and general understanding of class content.
  • For Year 11 and 12, we have tutors for all levels of Mathematics (Standard, Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2), all levels of English (Standard, Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2), Ancient and Modern History, Biology, Physics & Chemistry, Music, Art & Drama, Studies of Religion I & II, Business Studies, Legal Studies, Economics, and Japanese beginners.

Do you provide tutoring and mentoring services for students with learning or social difficulties?

Absolutely! Many of our staff members have experience working with students who present with a range of learning, developmental and social difficulties. Get in touch with us to see how we can best help or if we recommend you seek support from an alternative service.

I want to see where my child is at, can you conduct a thorough assessment?

Starting with an assessment is the best way for us to get a detailed overview of your child’s academic position and confidence.

Our aim of the assessment is to identify their strengths as a tool to build confidence and identify areas that require some improvement as a platform for goals to be set and worked towards.

Our assessments typically run for 1 hour per subject, however this can differ depending on the ability of the student. The cost of the assessment will include a comprehensive report that details their results and our recommendations going forward.

Can two (or more) children be in the same private tutoring session?

More often than not, we discourage siblings together in a private session for multiple reasons:

  • Siblings are typically at different levels / abilities and learn in different ways
  • Even when siblings are at a similar level, siblings often distract each other
  • The mentoring aspect is less effective, as siblings are less likely to open up to tutors when their sibling is present

Will I be kept up to date with the progress of our child?

We provide reports every term about the progress of each student that detail the focus areas of that term, the areas that improved, and our recommendations going forward for both tutoring and at home learning.

We love to keep parents informed about the progress of our students verbally throughout the term. Parents will often email us to ask for an update (or provide us with updates from other professionals they may be seeing) so that all parties are kept in the loop in the best interests of the student.

What happens if our tutor can no longer tutor our child anymore?

While it is unfortunate when staff move on, we have a large pool of staff who we can rematch with your child to continue in their learning journey. We aim to do this rematching process as quickly as possible to minimise disruptions to student learning.

In the event that we do not have another suitable tutor available, we will recommend an alternative reputable company for you. The best interests of our students are always at heart and that sometimes means that the student is best with a professional from a different organisation.

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