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All of the confidence, independence, ability and passion that you dream for your child to have, is already within. We are just here to reignite it, nourish it, challenge it and support the learning process.

Darian Lenton - founder of We, Future Leaders

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1 : 1 Tutoring

Tutoring isn't just about teaching content. It's about developing the skills required for independent learning. 

Our approach to tutoring is positively unique. We believe that while the content and curriculum is important to learn, developing good habits, attitudes and learning skills are the real keys to success. We aim to give purpose and meaning to student's learning so that students are able to self motivate and identify their own strengths and weaknesses. 

Our Approach​

  • Build a strong rapport with students and their family as a foundation to teaching

  • Assist students in identifying their own areas of strengths and weaknesses (as opposed to telling them what they are good/not good at). This not only improves confidence but also drastically increases chances of success

  • Guide students through setting their own goals to help them to discover what is reasonable and attainable for them

  • Help students to catch up on curriculum content and understand key concepts, including homework and assignment assistance

  • Prepare students for upcoming exams by providing constructive feedback on previous work, giving students the tools they need to stay organised, and utilising resources for students to practice their skills and knowledge

  • Encourage effective learning habits such as taking notes, starting assignments early, asking questions and communicating with their family and teachers about their learning journey

  • Hold students accountable for their own goals

  • Self-reflection


Group Tutoring

Collaboration adds a whole new dynamic to learning. It promotes effective communication, accountability and respectful, productive peer interaction.

Our Approach​

  • We believe it is vital to approach group tutoring with the same values and foundations as 1 : 1 tutoring (see above)

  • Group tutoring aims to add value by:

    • incorporating structured and strategic collaborative lessons that not only see students working together, but also communicating and interacting effectively​

    • pairing students of similar abilities and interests to suit the best interests of each individual

    • complimenting 1 : 1 sessions to solidify knowledge, skills and confidence

  • Group tutoring is only offered to students who have demonstrated that they can maintain focus in individual sessions

  • Group tutoring will not be recommended unless it will be of benefit to a student, and never recommended if it would be of detriment to a student



Think of our mentors like a big brother or sister. They guide and provide a listening ear. They are a friend. They inspire. There is always more value behind a good mentor than meets the eye.

  • Mentoring can be provided either in conjunction with tutoring services or as a stand-alone service,

  • Aims to boost confidence, self-esteem, independence and the ability to self-motivate,

  • Increase ambition and the ability to set and keep goals,

  • Promote problem solving skills that are applicable to all aspects of a young person's life, 

  • Guide through decision making processes, 

  • Provide insight into different further study and career options available (including subject selection)

  • Provide recommendations for volunteer opportunities, employment opportunities, extra curricular activities and more,

  • Assist with resume writing and job hunting for a first job

  • Provide a non-judgemental listening ear

  • Be an additional support network 


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Anna, July 2020

With the kids in lockdown lately, Darian is just what we needed!
The professional yet caring nature of the lessons is the best atmosphere for my son to be in for learning.
We highly recommend Future Leaders!

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Amanda, April 2020

I asked a friend if they would recommend Darian as a tutor and their response was “We would adopt her if we could!”
That was good enough for me, and after a month or so we agree... she’s  fantastic!! Great knowledge and as my daughter said today “she actually cares”!!
Would definitely recommend her and the team at Future Leaders.

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Justine, March 2020

We love having Darian from We, Future Leaders as kids' tutor. They absolutely love their sessions! Darian is brilliant in helping them overcome their challenges and learn with an encouraging, supporting and caring environment. We are forever grateful for Darian's help and guidance. Highly recommend!!